1945        Paul Burch takes over a one-man business in Gossau, Switzerland and establishes the
               Paul Burch Company.

               Machines are repaired and special machines are manufactured.

1973        The developed company is taken over by his sons, Bruno and Paul Burch.

1975        The Paul Burch Company is converted into Burch Maschinenbau AG.

1980        Burch Maschinenbau AG constructs and moves into a new building at Hofmattstrasse 16 in Gossau.

1995        Burch Maschinenbau AG manufactures grinding plants for SR-Schleiftechnik.

2004        Acquisition of SR-Schleiftechnik by Burch Maschinenbau AG.

2009        Assumption of production and servicing of IRLE GmbH smoothing machines.


Burch Maschinenbau AG

Hofmattstrasse 16

CH-9200 Gossau (SG)


Tel: +41 71 385 31 21

Fax: +41 71 385 31 45